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Goal is to help others investigate.

The 963: Who Are They?

Russia banned 963 people recently. We will explore why.

A high-level list and a rough estimate of how long I expect to take to complete each. Will bold when I have completed.

  1. First Post: the list of names and the URL they came from. (Minutes.)
  2. Second Post: a spreadsheet made from the above names, programmatically, and the program. (An hour.)
  3. Third Post: auto-translate the description/title from Russian to English. (An hour.)
  4. Pre-Fourth Post: for each of the “name” columns (including the “src_” pair), create four additional columns: first name, middle name, last name, and suffix (“Jr.”, “IV”, etc); will leave middle name and suffix empty if there are only two (there aren’t any with only one).
  5. Fourth Post: confirm the names in both directions; if missing in either direction, fill in. (An hour.)
    1. (Marking this one bold even though I haven’t done the one above it yet; I did confirm, there was one missing name in English which I manually translated from Russian.  There appears to be more information in the initial English name, e.g. “Jr.” in several; I’m leaving the originals the way they were, rather than updating, so they can be used for comparison.)
  6. Fifth Post: add searches in various search engines for: name in English; name in Russian; name in English, title in Russian; name in English, title in English; name in Russian, title in English; name in Russian, title in Russian. Find search engines from Russia and Ukraine to use for this as well. (Hours.)
  7. Sixth Post: make a database out of the above, post it as a .sql file as well as ZIPped. Also have the database available to the web server, for the next item. (An hour.)
  8. Seventh Post: want to use a similar interface that https://www.gematrinator.com/calculator/index.php has, such that while the user is typing, a list of matching names (English/Russian) and description/titles (also, English/Russian) appear while typing. So e.g. user could type “Joe” and see everyone whose name includes “Joe” somewhere, or “Brandon” ad nauseam. (Hours/days?)