Russia has released a list of 25 more individuals that are permanently banned:

So, am shelving, for now, the continuing effort described in the About page (for the first 963 names in the list), and instead will translate these new names.

Downloaded the list, ran the first (of two) scripts against it, and it worked perfectly! It created a CSV (spreadsheet) file with 3 rows: name in Russian; name in English; and description in Russian.

Had to update the logic in the second script slightly (it wasn’t checking a Python dictionary key’s existence before checking its value; not sure how it hadn’t hit this with the previous list!), and I also added three more languages: Indonesian (id), Standard German (de), and Japanese (ja).

Now there are 13 languages in total, with 3 columns per language, for 39 columns total. Each language has the name in Russian translated; name in English translated; and description in Russian translated. The source for those translations are colums 1, 2, and 3. Also note that columns 4, 5, and 6 are special-cased, and are basically the “reverse” of the first three: 4 is name in Russian translated to English; 5 is name in English translated to Russian; and 6 is description in Russian, translated to English. Then the remaining columns are “three per language”, translating the first three columns into the target language. (So for example, the last three columns are Japanese translations of the name in Russian, 37; name in English, 38; and description in Russian, 39.)

I have uploaded this new CSV, with 25 names and descriptions in 13 languages, to Catbox:

The top thirteen languages by speaker, I obtained from here:

And got the country code (in parentheses in the below) from here:

  1. English (en)
  2. Mandarin Chinese (zh-CN)
  3. Hindi (hi)
  4. Spanish (es)
  5. French (fr)
  6. Modern Standard Arabic (ar)
  7. Bengali (bn)
  8. Russian (ru)
  9. Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR)
  10. Urdu (ur)
  11. Indonesian (id)
  12. Standard German (de)
  13. Japanese (ja)

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